Digital Nat’l Potable Water Data Collection to be Completed in Fortnight

Addis Ababa  January 08/2019 A digital data collection platform that uses the power, flexibility and scalability of cloud technology to collect and visualize data for potable water nationwide was launched here today.

Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister, Sileshi Bekele said during the launching ceremony that there were limitations in delivering sufficient and quality as well as modern data of potable water in the country.

He said data collection is expected to be completed in the coming 15 days in all the 9 regions and 2 administrative cities as 100 million USD is allotted to the collection process.

The ministry had reportedly bought 3,925 tablets with 2.1 million USD fund by African Development Bank and software was developed with 111 million birr.

Human resource training were also provided for 4,000 collectors and 500 coordinators, the minister stated, adding that pilot tests were undertaken in Dire Dawa administration and Harari region.

It is to be recalled that the 2030 Sustained Development Goals and the national Growth and Transformation plans give priority to delivering quality potable water for households and other institutions.