Horn African Countries Should Harmonize Legal Frameworks to Realize Integration

Addis Ababa December 15/2018 Harmonizing legal frameworks should be a priority for the Horn African countries in order to realize integration, experts said.

The Horn African area is witnessing a dynamic change that led to the strengthening of ties between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

With the aim of realizing economic integration the three countries have already embarked on trilateral talks that in return, is further cementing their ties.

Dr. Assefa Admassie, Executive Director of the Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA) told ENA that the situation has created good opportunity for the countries to develop their resources and grow together.

“Since these countries have been in war with each other in one way or another for the past years, their expenditure for defense was high. So this approach has been definitely harmed their respective economies whether it is for long or short term”, he said.

So now, the peace agreement will provide the opportunity for the countries to minimize their military budget and concentrate on economic development, Assefa said.

However, Assefa said their desire and ambition towards strong ties and economic integration need to be supported by legal frameworks so as to sustainably utilize the potential and use their geographical advantage.

The expert stated that the countries need to carry out activities that will enable them harmonize legal frameworks and institutions.

“Among others, laws have to be harmonized among countries and institutions must be established to implement those laws and regulations so as to sustain their relation in all aspects”, he underlined.

The region believed to have endowed with abundant natural resources besides located in a strategic area, a trade route where over 80 percent of the global goods are transported.

According to Assefa, the ongoing efforts towards strong ties and economic integration should be supported by activities done at the ground in order to enhance trade and investment in the region in return to promote integration.

For Mohammed Hassen Lecturer at Addis Ababa University ensuring stability within the countries and in the sub-region is critical for the sustainability of the recent efforts.

Appreciating the recent moves by the three countries towards a more strong ties and stable region, Mohammed said internal and border related matters should be addressed quickly.

“Now, the region is becoming mobilized and inspired by the moves being taken by the leaders which also astonished the rest of the world”, he said.

Praising the commitment of the respective countries for peace and integration, Mohammed urged the need to ensure peace and stability within their borders, referring to internal problems that the countries’ have.

After decades of hostility and rivalry, a recent thaw in relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea has changed the situation in the area, bringing hope for peace and stability as well as economic integration.