Ethiopia Re-organizes Chemical Industry Roadmap

Addis Ababa December 14/2018 A directive roadmap has re-organized to manage chemical industrial development in Ethiopia, Chemical and Construction Inputs Industry Development Institute said.

The roadmap has been restructured with a fund from United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), it was indicated.

Speaking at the consultation with stakeholders on the roadmap, Deyesa Leta, Director of the Institute said preparation has been undertaken one year ahead of the restructuring of road map with an outlay of 400,000 USD which granted from UNIDO.

According to him, the finding of the research has being shown vast technological and expertise gaps in Ethiopian chemical industry.

The Director added the roadmap has also suggested sustainable solutions for identified setbacks in the sector, he said adding that universities and vocational colleges have to revise their training approach.

The roadmap further directed on how the industry could harmonize with the country’s green reliance economic policy, Deyesa pointed out.

Moreover, he stated that less technological advancement in the chemical industry is undermining Ethiopia’s competency in the global market.