Defense Reform Aims to Reinstate Naval Force

Addis Ababa December 14/2018 Ethiopia is working to reinstate naval force which was disbanded 25 years ago, as part of the sweeping reforms.

Ethiopia, a landlocked country since Eritrea’s independence in 1991, is aspiring to have a naval force that would strengthen its military capability.

Briefing journalists, Chief of Special Operation Force, Lieutenant General Molla Hailemariam said a committee is already set up to study possible ways of reinstating a naval force.

He said that the re-establishment of the naval force is part of the ongoing reform being underway to transform the national defense force.

Lieutenant General Molla said that the committee is sharing experience from countries that have better performance in the area for the reestablishment of the force.

The reform in the defense force is being made with due emphasis given to the context of building up-to-date combat units, which include land, air, seas, cyber and space, he said.

Ethiopian Navy, which was a branch of the National Defense Force, founded in 1955.

Currently, Ethiopia has a civilian Maritime Training Institute on Lake Tana, which trains more than 500 marine engineers and electro-technical officers each year.