Ethiopia Launches Findings of 1st Population based HIV Impact Assessment

Addis Ababa December 11/2018 The findings of the first nationwide population based HIV impact assessment study launched.

The study focuses on the current situation of HIV prevalence in the country, factors that contribute to the disease, and the way forward.

The findings of the study shows the average nationwide prevalence rate has reached 0.9 percent, with high prevalence rate in urban areas, reaching 3 percent.

In terms of age groups, the study identifies that the prevalence rate is higher between the age of 50 and 64, with 4.4 percent rate.

It also shows that women and girls are still the most vulnerable group of the society.

The study suggests for targeted interventions to address differences, continue targeted HIV testing efforts in urban area as well as strengthening treatment and care for identified HIV positive people.

The study that conducted on over 24,000 participants took place in more than 393 enumeration sites across the country for seven months.