Panel Participants Emphasize Virtue of Nation Building Alongside Diversity

Addis Ababa  December 07/2018 Intensifying nation building and maintaining the diversity of nations and nationalities and peoples along with it is a top priority to Ethiopia, according to panel participants who talked to ENA on the sideline.

A panel discussion held in connection with the 13th Nations Nationalities and Peoples’ Day was held today under the themes nation building, tolerance, and coexistence.

Panelist and Arba Minch University lecturer, Dereje Mamo said nation building requires the participation of every citizen and ensures inclusivity.

Stressing the importance of balancing unity and diversity, he cited Yugoslavia, pointing out that the country “failed as it was unable to recognize diversity. Switzerland, Canada, and India have on the other hand succeeded since they recognized diversity alongside unity.”

Harari National Congress Speaker, Yasin Hussen said “the desired nation building must clearly pave the way to move forward as one and united without being the same.”

Ethiopians have huge social capital, Yasin said, adding that “we must, however, apply them and resolve things like hate speech and exclusionary attitudes before they go wrong.”

Education Minister, Tilaye Gete said “we need to respect our diversity and protect it.”

According to him, much has been done on diversity and “it is now high time that we focused on cementing nationalism.”

Tilaye noted that all need to be part of the ongoing reform and articulate national unity.

He added that his ministry will focus on producing students that value national unity and democracy through civic education.