Israel Committed to Supporting Reform in Ethiopia, Says Ambassador Morav

Addis Ababa December 06/2018 Israel is committed to supporting Ethiopia in implementing the ongoing “encouraging” reform, Israel’s Ambassador to Ethiopia said. 

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Raphael Morav said his country is willing to assist Ethiopia in any form that is needed to advance the reforms.

 “We are very much encouraged by the reform Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is promoting in Ethiopia; and we are looking for its implementation. Israel is very supportive and willing to assist Ethiopia and its government in any form that is needed in order to advance the implementation of the reform,” he stated.

According to Morav, inclusive democracy is very important for Ethiopia not only for the wellbeing of its citizens but also for economic development and the liberalization of the economy. “So all in all, we think that it is very important and an encouraging development,” he added.

The ambassador said the two countries are very much involved in deep cooperation and Israel is looking for the future of this country, the development of its economy and success of its goal to become a middle income country.

 “Our cooperation, therefore, focuses on transformation of agriculture, which is the main goal of GTP-2 of this government; and we concentrate in avocado export. So, we have introduced in Ethiopia quality and varieties of avocado for export, which will not only create jobs and is source of income for farmers but also generates foreign exchange for the economy which is very important”.

Israel is also engaged in the health sector. In collaboration with Ministry of Health, it is providing training for the medical staff of Gondar University, among others.

Besides, Morav pledged to work hard to promote the longstanding relation of the two nations. “I am happy to be here. It is not only a pleasure and honor but also challenge to work for the promotion of the co-ordinations that already exist between the two people to reach new heights.”

Commenting on the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Ambassador Morav praised the nations for their commitment and described the relation as promising enforcement for economic integration.

 “The development in the relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea is very promising; and of course we support very much the peace accord. That will suddenly give a boost to both countries and reinforces the possibility of economic integration of the Horn of Africa.”

According to the Ambassador, the relation between Ethiopia and Somalia is also becoming closer. Ethiopian Airlines flies to Mogadishu and Asmara daily.

These are just manifestations of the incoming of stronger economic integration and increasing people-to-people relations. “We know there are a lot of movements between Ethiopia and Eritrea; and that is definitely promising,” Morav elaborated.

He further said that there is sign of relative stability in South Sudan, thanks to the important role Ethiopia has played in the mediation between the two sides.

Ethiopia and Israel have enjoyed long-lasting cultural, religious and diplomatic relations.