Ethio-Djibouti Ties to Contribute to Economic Integration in Horn

Djibouti December 06/2018 The bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Djibouti that the two countries have been enjoying for more than two decades would contribute to attempts towards economic integration in the Horn of Africa, officials of the two countries said.

The officials mentioned infrastructures developed by the two countries to enhance cooperation such as electrified railway line, power and telecom interconnections that contribute to a possible economic integration.

Speaking at the Ethio-Djibouti Friendship Day celebrated in the city of Djibouti, Foreign Minister Mahamoud said the strong ties between the two countries and developed infrastructures will contribute to economic integration.

The two countries have developed strong ties in many sectors, which considered as exemplary in the region, such as in security, trade, economy, training and education, infrastructure and energy, he said.

“We did build infrastructures together for lifetime and I call them lifelines like the power interconnection, fiber optics interconnection, water interconnection, electrified railway line, and soon the natural gas pipeline,” he said.

The Minister said that these connectivity and ties provides the two countries the potential to contribute for economic integration in the Horn Africa.

He further said that “Anyone can easily guess the paramount importance of the Ethio-Djibouti relationship beyond the bilateral tie to the regional integration at large.”

Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs State Minister Hirut Zemene said the two countries have maintained close political, economic and historical relations out of mutual necessity of ascertaining a stable and peaceful neighborhood.

The Ethio-Djibouti bonds transcends beyond sharing common border, she said adding it is well depicted in the people-to-people relations which surpasses the physical boundaries.

She pointed out that the two countries have bright future that could help to realize their role in efforts towards regional integration.

The State Minister affirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to continue engaging in the promotion of regional peace and stability as well as realizing economic integration.

The friendship day marked at the sidelines of the international trade fair being held in Djibouti.

It demonstrated the relationship and cooperation between the peoples and governments of both countries.