Over 200 Agricultural Experts Discussing Food Security in Africa

Nairobi December  04/2018 More than 200 agricultural experts have gathered in Nairobi, Kenya to discuss on ways of enhancing food security in Africa under the GlobE pan-African conference.

The conference is a platform for six German-African Research Networks that are working on food security research.

Africa needs to strength collaborations with partners to enhance food security, GlobE Pan-African conference initiative indicated.

In spite of efforts in ensuring food security, the success stories to eradicate hunger and poverty are still unevenly distributed in Africa, Klaus-Peter Michel Coordinator and Representative of German Federal Ministry of Education and Research told ENA.

Therefore, he said that working with international partners is necessary to solve food insecurity.

In this context, the government of Germany can play a leading role and is working to help the continent in ensuring food security.

The GlobE project is among the programs that the government of Germany has initiated to support the continent.

“The government of Germany initiated the project GlobE, to enhance food security in Africa, with respective to reduce some food insecurity challenges such as pre and post harvest losses”, he said.

“Our goal is to work with our African partners to put Africa’s agriculture sector on sustainable bases with regard of the production but also in terms of processing and storage”, he said.

The Coordinator added, “Such conferences are really important, and we have seen so much successes in the last six conferences that we held under GlobE.”

According to him, the GlobE is intensifying research activities, and has systematically been fostering innovations by supporting African research partner groups in sub-Saharan Africa.

He said that the government of Germany is funding a consortia involving over 1000 partners from Germany and Africa, making contribution towards cooperation among nations in food security, he added.