Exhibition Aimed to Promote Cultural Products Kicked off

Addis Ababa December 03/2018 An exhibition that displayed traditional clothes and items of different nations was opened today.

The exhibition, which will be open for seven days, is part of the yearly celebration of nations’, nationalities’ and peoples’ (NNPs) day.

While opening of the exhibition, Deputy Speaker of House of Federation, Mohammed Reshid said it will display the ‘unity in diversity’ of nations and nationalities.

He also added that it will help to promote unity among them.

Some 131 small and medium enterprises from the nine regional states and the two city administrations are participating in the exhibition.

Some of the enterprises that display their products told ENA that the exhibition will help to promote their products and create market linkages between enterprises.

Hareg Zenebe, representative of a small enterprise engaged in leather and leather products from Bahir Dar, thinks that such exhibitions are useful for enterprises.

She said it will help them to promote their products among the local people and enhance their capability as well as would help them in the future penetrate the global market.

Eyasu Solomon, Marketing Expert at the SNNP Culture and Tourism Bureau, said such exhibitions will contribute a lot to cultural exchange among different ethnic groups.

It will also help to promote the use and manufacturing of cultural products by encouraging the youth to take part in the process.

The exhibition has organized in connection with the celebration of the 13th Nations’, Nationalities’ and Peoples’ Day.