METEC Ex-General Director Appears in Court

Addis Ababa November 15/2018 Major General Kinfe Dagnaw, ex-director of METEC, appeared in a federal high court on Wednesday in connection with corruption charges.

Some eight people have also appeared in court, whom six of them are accused of felony with Major General Kinfe Dagnew and two are charged with human rights violations, it was indicated.

The suspects appeared in the federal high court 10th criminal bench.

Isaias Dagnaw, who was Chief Operation Officer at Ethio-Telecom until he was kicked out last June, has also appeared in court along with his brother Major General Kinfe Dagnaw.

Isaias has accused of awarding illegal contracts to Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), which was headed by his brother Major General Kinfe.

Furthermore, Fitsum Yeshitila, entertainment news anchor at Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation also appeared in court accused of corruption.

Both brothers asked for public defense lawyer claiming that they cannot afford to pay on their own.

The court adjourned for Thursday to hear the case, it was learned.