Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Begins Receiving Contributions

Addis Ababa October 23/2018 The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund has officially started receiving contribution, according to Office of the Prime Minister.

A press statement issued in the name of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed lauded the Fund’s Advisory Council for making the launching of the collection possible.

“On behalf of the Ethiopian People, I would like to congratulate the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Advisory Council for its diligence and efforts in expediting the establishment and launch of the Fund,” the Premier said.

“If Diaspora Ethiopians could contribute at least 1 USD a day to the Fund, we can significantly improve the lives of the most vulnerable Ethiopians,” he further noted.

According to him, the fund can improve health and education, provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, rehabilitate and empower persons with disabilities, support small-scale agricultural activities and promote opportunities in the technology sector as well as generate income producing projects, among others.

“We are now in the first stage of collecting contribution,” Abiy pointed out, asking “Diaspora Ethiopians to make contributions in one or two lump payments to speed up the funding of vital projects.”

He also urged those who can afford to contribute more than a dollar a day and cautioned the Diaspora Ethiopian communities to contribute only through the official fund operated by the Trust Council.