Partners Vow to Support Ethiopian Education Development Roadmap

Addis Ababa October 17/2018 Development partners vow to support successful implementation of the Ethiopian Education Development Roadmap.

An integrated executive draft of the roadmap designed to be implemented between 2018-2030 is under discussion among stakeholders at various levels.

The draft is the result of a variety of research activities and consultations that led to development of fundamental shifts in the educational system.

It aims to keep up to the standard requirements of 21st century educational systems that play key roles in transforming the socio-economic systems of countries, particularly the industrial sector.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Nicola Demme, Program Manager for Sustainable Training Education Program (STEP) in the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) said that her organization has been supporting the ministry in drafting the higher education roadmap.

“I am very happy that we are working closely with the ministry to set the priorities in the current education system to shape the next steps and to adjust some of the programs to the road map,” she said.

“Strategies and polices designed in the roadmap are not narrowing the options but rather giving more options,” Nicola noted.

The roadmap is truly opening up and showing alterative options on how to work on quality and higher education, TVET and in general education section, she added.

Nicola stated that challenges can only be resolved by right decision and underlined decision makers to look more into TVET budget allocation of the total education sector and to shift resource; attention and energy so as to bring more graduates to TEVT sector.

“So in this regard the road map is a very good instrument to bring these changes,” she said and adding that “there is a big dynamism on financing and to come up with new resource mobilization strategies and to bring more international donors on board.”

“In terms of content when I see in the TVET section and higher education section the roadmap is reflecting the biggest challenges that we have also identified and this is also  a confirmation that we are on the right track,” she said.

“The government is certainly dedicated to bring more quality into the training by now reaching out to the industry and the private sector to help improving the quality and in this regard we will do our best to support this,” she affirmed.

Dr. Sai Väyrynen, Education Counselor at the Embassy of Finland said that Ethiopia has a remarkable track record in increasing access at all levels of education and yet more priority is needed in creating access to education to all children.

“We acknowledge that Ethiopia has achieved remarkable results in increasing access to education but across the education sector quality hasn’t expanded as much as access and that is why we want to continue supporting the government of Ethiopia and the ministry of education in improving quality,” she said. 

She noted that Education has to be contextualized with the needs of the country and should analyze the content on how to synchronize the needs of the country with the nature of the education system and follow up on realistic ways of achieving the targets set.

Elias Girma, Planning and Resource Mobilization Director at Ministry of Education  said on his part that the preparation of the roadmap, which is under discussion among stakeholders started some three years ago and was initiated at the Annual International Education Forum in London.

He noted that it started as benchmarking process by sharing the best experiences from several countries at the forum to verify what is important and suitable for the country.

“On every step we discussed and involved the international development partners to ensure the quality of education. The major issue is we are formulating education policy that produces internationally competent and qualified generation of professionals. Therefore, we are including international, continental knowledge and ideologies.”

The objective of the road map is to chart out practical improvements in ascertaining quality education across the country, it was learned.