Workshop Developing Two-year Action Plan to Silence Guns in Africa

Addis Ababa October 12/2018 A high-level workshop with the view to developing a two-year action plan to silence guns in Africa by 2020 is underway here in Addis Ababa.

Opening the workshop, AUC Special Representative and Chairman of the workshop, Ramtane Lamamra, said it is necessary to create a favorable environment for the people of Africa to engage in promoting peace and security to achieve the resolution of AU on silencing gun.

The promotion of peace and security has been monopolized by governments for the last several years, he said, adding that “we need to make sure that the people own the process to resolve their problem by effectively ascertaining the rule of law.

Working towards empowering people to own the process of peace and security in Africa would be an important move to silence guns, the chairman stressed.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Lamamra noted that it is possible to end gun violence if there is good will so that everybody can feel that there is way to end conflict.

“We see the political will as demonstrated by very positive development in the Horn of Africa through the initiative taken by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed,” he pointed out.

High Representative on Silencing Gun, Vasu Gounden said resorting to use of weapons to solve a problem would not give a space to address poverty, unemployment, inequality and good governance.

“We have to galvanize the African people throughout the continent to begin to change the culture of solving problems through weapon,” he added.

The two day long workshop under the theme: “High Level Workshop on Silencing the Guns in Africa: Fast Tracking Action” will wrap up today.

The African Union Commission organized the workshop.