Situations in South Sudan Improving

Addis Ababa October 11/2018 Situations in South Sudan have improved following the agreement signed between the raring parties, creating a window of hope among the citizens.

This conclusion has reached by the high- level delegation drawn from the African Union and the United Nations, which visited South Sudan for the last two days.

During the visit, the delegation has held discussions with representatives of the government, civic societies, media and other bodies regarding the situation in the country.

In a presser given on Wednesday, the delegation said that peace is restoring in the world’s newest nation and people are hoping that it will bring a better situation.

Peace and Security Commissioner at AU Ismail Shargui said that the current situation in South Sudan is creating hope for sustainable peace in the country.

“The visit to Juba and Banjo has given us an opportunity to discuss with the government but also with the women groups, civil society organizations and the strong message that came to us throughout this interaction is that everybody now believes it is important to revitalized the peace agreement which was signed in Addis”

He said that there is no reservation among the parties and everybody looks for the implementation of the peace process.

The Commissioner said that they have got encouragement for the peace process from the people of the South Sudan.

UN Under Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix  , said that the situation in South Sudan is encouraging and hopeful for everyone working for peace in the country.

He said that the situation also can create an encouragement and motivation for stakeholders engaging in bringing lasting peace in the country such as the UN.

“It was a message of willingness for support from the United Nations .We met with the civil society and several civil organizations and we told them that we are ready to contribute in different ways on the implementation of the agreement”, he said.

He also said that any stakeholders should be ready to contribute for the rehabilitation of South Sudan while ensuring the peace process.