Nation Launches Strategic Plan to Improve Health, Reduce Emerging Diseases

Addis Ababa  October 02/2018 A five-year national One Health Strategic Plan that enables Ethiopia to reduce the risk of new emerging diseases and to prevent, control and respond to known and emerging infectious diseases was launched today.

A One Health Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will be implemented in partnership with the U.S was also signed among four ministries.

Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and Ministry of Culture and Tourism were the signatories.

A National One Health Steering Committee composed of senior officials from the ministries is already in place to institutionalize and implement the plan by 2022.

On the occasion, Agriculture and Livestock Resources State Minister, Gebre-Egiziabher Gebre-Yohannes stated that “with the One Health Memorandum of Understanding and the launch of the strategic plan, the government of Ethiopia is committed to coordinate action and information sharing across the sectors to minimize outbreaks and save lives.”

The approach that brings together professionals and stakeholders is vital for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness to protect emerging infectious diseases, he added.

The state minister said it is particularly useful for Ethiopia with resources and capacity constraints to prevent, detect, and respond to increasing concerns posed by emerging public health threats.

National One Health Steering Committee Chairperson, Dr. Meseret Bekele told ENA that “three strategic documents were ratified and Memorandum of Understanding signed by the four sectors.”

The concerned bodies are discussing ways of cooperating to implement the five-year strategic plan, she added.

USAID Ethiopia Deputy Mission Director, Alicia Dinerstein, said “we look forward to working with you to achieve Ethiopia’s One Health goals. For Ethiopia, and for the United States, working to achieve those goals is an investment in a healthier future for Ethiopians and for everyone around the world.”