Rapprochement Enhances Relationship b/n Ethiopian, Eritrean Diasporas

Addis Ababa septembre 25/2018  The newly re-established relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea further enhanced the tie between the nationals of the two countries residing abroad.

Communities of both countries are showing their support for the reestablished ties by celebrating Ethio- Eritrea cultural festivals, Ethio- Eritrea days, panel discussions and other events that can illustrate their brotherly relation in several parts of the world.

Roman Sahilu an Ethiopian national resident of Ohio, Columbus in the U.S. told ENA that the social relationship of the two countries is further improving after the peace agreements carried out between the leaders of the two countries.

“I have so many Eritrean friends there, our relationship was good, and however, the peaceful methods that the two leaders have used to resolve the dispute of the two countries filled us with more friendship and family attachments, she said.

The way that the two countries resolute their conflicts with a breakneck speed can teach the world how love and exercise forgiveness among the peoples of the world.

“We are considering ourselves like one people living in two countries, so the newly re-established accord of friendship encourage us to set the stage for era of harmonious relation in the foreign world” Roman added.

Remembering the bloody war between the two Horn African nations that claimed the lives of more than 70,000 people, she said “now we the people of the two countries tear down the wall of hostilities and choose to be one and continue to grow together.”

Fistum Hadigu, an Eritrean living in London for the past 20 years said that the two countries created a new chapter of relationship for their people.

He said, “I have many Ethiopian friends in England; they are all so happy and excited because of the prevailing peace between the two neighboring countries,”

An Eritrean Youngster, residing in Sweden Luwam Hiruy said that the rest of the world should learn from the rapprochement that Ethiopia and Eritrea has realized.

“I am excited to have heard about all these news, I am so happy finally peace is happening, I’m super happy about that” she said adding that “other countries can learn a lot from the recent peace accord between Ethiopia and Eritrea,” she said.

For Alemayehu Solomon, an Ethiopian Diaspora, from Canada, the steps that are taken by the two sides to end hostility is like breaking the deadlock imposed for many years.

According to him, the peaceful relationship created between Ethiopia and Eritrea can have a power of transforming the East Africa into a region of peace and stability.

“The new Era of peace is making us proud of our leaders who choose to be brothers, families and friends. So we the people of the two nations living overseas are illustrating our relationship through cultural nights and other staff that can show our cooperation”, he said.

Alemayehu added that many people are bench marking the way that Ethiopia and Eritrea ended their dispute peacefully, “when we meet with people, they repeatedly ask us how Ethiopia and Eritrea have resolved their conflicts without any intermediaries.”

He said that everything has happened suddenly in a way that can promote peace and cooperation of the government of the countries and its people.

Ethiopia and Eritrea have choose to end the long-standing “no war no peace” situation and agreed to build a new chapter of relationship almost after 20 years.

The rapprochement came after Prime Minister Abiy called on the Eritrean government his country’s desire to restore peace and the decision to fully implement the Algiers Agreement and the decision of the boarder commission.

Eritrea has sent a high level delegation to discuss about the rapprochement process shortly after PM Abiy’s call for peace.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Asmara that followed by the visit of President Isayas Afeworki displayed the dedication of the two leaders to cement ties.