Police Granted Additional Week to Investigate Coordinator of Grenade Attack

Addis Ababa septembre 25/2018 Federal First Instance Court 1st Criminal Bench has granted police seven additional days to further investigate the pending case of Tesfaye Urge who has been under detention for alleged involvement in the grenade attack on Mesquel Square.

The police have been investigating the suspect for allegedly coordinating the grenade attack which took place on June 23, 2018 at the rally organized in support of Prime Minister Abiy.

One of the heads in the security office, Tesfaye Urge, was brought to the court today where the police requested additional week explaining that the crime is complicated and they are still hearing eyewitness accounts and collecting evidences.

The defendant opposed the grant attributing it to negligence on the part of police to intensify the investigation.

The court has granted the additional days requested by taking into account the seriousness and complexity of the crime.