New Era of Peace for South Sudan: Ambassador Morgan

Addis Ababa September 14/2018 South Sudanese rivals have made considerable progress in restoring peace since the face-to-face meeting between President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar, the country’s Ambassador to Ethiopia said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, South Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia James Morgan applauded the support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his initiatives to facilitate conditions toward the continuation of the peace process.

He added that guns have fallen silent and now peace is holding.

“All this has come as a result of the support of the people of Ethiopia, particularly the Prime Minister himself. We are now entering a new era of peace, development, progress and prosperity for all of us as people of this region,” Ambassador Morgan noted.

Things changed when Prime Minister Abiy came to power as somebody who wants to call for war now will not be fitting with the situation, he said, adding that those who talk about war all the time feel ashamed now.

According to him, there will no more be any fighting again because the region is now inspired by peace; and it is a peace that everybody can follow.

“We are so happy that this Ethiopian New Year will bring all the best we have been hoping for. Now we can achieve peace in South Sudan and brothers and sisters in Ethiopia have done a lot in supporting peace to be holding in South Sudan”, Ambassador Morgan said.

Ethiopia has played a very positive role in making sure that the peace process in South Sudan will bear fruit.

President Omer Al Basher has also work hard to ensure that opposition groups agree to peace and that is why we are hopefully confident that peace through this way will succeed; because it is peace facilitated by our regional brothers, the ambassador stated.

“No outsider can bring peace to us. Our leaders here are capable of bringing peace to us,” he stressed.

The restoration of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea without any involvement of foreigners is an indicator of this, Ambassador Morgan explained.

The ambassador said his government “has a very robust program to take everybody back home which will be done within the period of transitional period. By the end of this agreement, we are going to go for election.”

The elections will find that everybody has been resettled back to his own land of origin.

According to Ambassador Morgan, oil production has started and that will help in boosting the economy of the country which is producing almost 45,000 barrels per day. The government aims to produce three million barrels per day when all the oil fields are open.

The main focus now is on rehabilitating the displaced people and building the infrastructure.