Ethiopia to Continue Role for Peace, Stability of Region: Prime Minister Abiy

Addis Ababa September 13/2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia will continue its effort to the peace and stability of South Sudan in particular and Africa in general.

Prime Minister Abiy held discussion with South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit on the ways of effectively implement the newly signed peace deal, and issues of bilateral ties.

South Sudanese warring factions have signed the revitalized agreement on Wednesday to end five years of civil war.

After their discussion the Premier told reporters that the journey of South Sudan towards peace will benefit Ethiopia.

Over the past years more than half a million people were displaced from South Sudan due to the prolonged conflict.

If this situation continues, it becomes difficult not only for South Sudan but also Ethiopia as it has to host many refugees that fled the conflict, Abiy said.

Efforts have been carried out over the past years to end the conflict in the country but now, constructive diplomatic approach make the peace deal fruitful as all neighboring counties took their share in resolving the conflict, he said.

Ethiopia takes great share in bringing Riik Macher, leader of the opposition faction, from South Africa and mediates the rival parties for lasting peace.

This could be considered as part of Ethiopia’s contribution in ensuring peace and stability in the Horn of Africa in particular and Africa in general.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir on his part said that Ethiopia has played instrumental role in ensuring peace in South Sudan.

The president added “I ask him (PM Abiy) to push and help us in the implementation of peace agreement so that we implement it in proper way”, he said.

The two sides have also discussed on ways of furthering bilateral relations between two countries.