Political Parties to Discus on Nat’l Consensus, Reconciliation

Addis Ababa August 13/2018 Political parties that have been operating within and outside the country will hold a conference on national consensus and reconciliation in Addis Ababa this week.

The Conference is aimed at seeking reconciliation and mobilizing political parties to discharge their responsibility in building democracy, Dr Bezabih Demissie Chairperson of the coordinating committee for an inclusive national consensus and reconciliation Committee said.

Stating that a glimmer of democracy is prevailing in the country, he pointed out that “mobilizing all political parties is crucial towards building national consensus and finding remedies for the problems that the country is encountering.”

Holding such a conference is also important as reconciliation is crucial between political parties.

“Though the Premier’s visit to the U.S. to meet Ethiopians in the Diaspora had simplified some of the burdens of political parties, it is not enough and this has to be done at home too,” Dr Bezabeh added.

National consensus, constitutional issues, measures taken against individuals for holding different political and its political and socio-economic impacts are among the agenda to be addressed on the August 16 conference.

Appreciating the government for being progressive, Secretary of the Committee Teshale Sebero urged the need for political parties to seize this opportunity and push for its consolidation.

Appreciating Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s journey to the U.S., he stressed that “destroying a spirit of hatred and building the bridge of love should also be organized here in Ethiopia among all parties.”

The coordinating committee for an inclusive national consensus and reconciliation has organized the conference.

The 11-member Committee was established by more than 26 political parties which participate at the discussion with the Prime Minister in the U.S.