IOM Helps 132 Ethiopian Migrants Return Home from Yemen

Addis Ababa August 07/2018 Some 132 Ethiopian migrants returned home from Yemen through Hudaydah during the weekend with the help of International Organization for Migration (IOM), according UN Migration Agency.

The International Organization for Migration transported the 132 Ethiopian migrants, i.e. 96 men, 19 women and 17 unaccompanied children, by bus from Sana’a to Hudaydah city, where they spent the night in a secure location, it was learned.

Next day, IOM brought the migrants to the port from which they left to voluntarily return home to Ethiopia via Djibouti.

The day after the Ethiopian movement, IOM in coordination with UNHCR, helped 116 Somalis refugees depart from Aden to return home. The group comprised 48 men, 29 women, 19 boys and 20 girls.

So far in 2018, IOM claimed that it has helped 615 stranded migrants return home from Yemen on IOM’s voluntary humanitarian return (VHR) program, and 1,321 refugees out of Aden were helped under the Assisted Spontaneous Return (ASR) program.