Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Condemns Killings, Arson in Somali Region

Addis Ababa July 06/2018 The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOC) has condemned the recent attacks on churches, priests, and civilians in Somali Regional State.

EOC Patriarch Abune Mathias told journalists today that a total of 7 priests were killed and same number of churches set ablaze.

Civilians were also killed and thousands displaced, following the attack targeting followers of the Orthodox Tewahedo Church, he added.

The Church has called on the government to take all the necessary measures before the situation gets out of control.

After extending his heartfelt condolences, Abune Mathis called for the immediate end to attacks on civilians, churches, and priests.

As usual, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church will provide its support for victims of the attacks, Abune Mathis concluded.

The Church, which has been playing huge role in keeping peace and stability, does not deserve this, the Patriarch noted.

Abune Mathias finally wished fast recovery for the three other priests who sustain serious injuries.