MPs to Confer with Constituents during Recess

Addis Ababa July 12/2018 Members of the House of People’s Representatives will meet with their constituents to discuss about ways of sustaining the ongoing changes and reforms during the close to three months recess, Speaker Muferiat Kamil said.

Briefing the media today, Muferiat said members are expected to primarily explain to the constituents about the ongoing changes in the country.

Above all they will discuss about the various challenges that are fomented by disrupters of the reform in some parts of the country and how to tackle those, she added.

The consultations will create opportunity for the MPs and the public to share their views, concerns and clear doubts related to various issues, the Speaker stated.

Muferiat further revealed that the HPR will have strong monitoring and evaluation mechanism in managing the budget endorsed recently.

Preparations are underway by the parliament to sign agreements with various ministries starting from September to ensure accountability and transparency, it was learned.

Close to 44 proclamations were approved by the HPR during the concluded budget year.