African Experts Laud Peace Efforts of PM Abiy in Region

Nairobi July 12/2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s extensive efforts that have instantly bore fruit in normalizing relations with Eritrea has a notable impact in sustaining peace and security of the region, experts said.

At a panel discussion with Kenyan NTV, Conflict Resolution and National Security expert, Dr. Mustafa Ali said “that particular deal is a breakthrough not just for Ethiopia and Eritrea but for the entire region.”

The world has always been receiving and seeing gloomy situation in South Sudan, Burundi, and Somalia tittering back and forth, he said, adding that “now when you see such step taken between Eritrea and Ethiopia after two decades of antagonistic relationship it is something good.”

Dr. Ali noted that “He (Abiy) is not actually taking leadership just in Ethiopia but in the region, the kind of what he has done in trying to engage Salva Kiir and Riek Machar. His character and demeanor is that of one young man who can bring peace not just in Ethiopia and between Ethiopians and Eritreans but the entire region.”

He expressed his hope that people like Prime Minister Abiy are going to help the region and leaders of the region are going to emulate what Abiy Ahmed is doing in Ethiopia and between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Former AU Deputy Chairperson, Ambassador Erastus Mwencha said the peaceful dialogue between Ethiopia and Eritrea is a win-win situation, though it should have been solved long time ago.

Describing the new Prime Minister as a leader who has brought in fresh air, Mwencha added that “it is not just the agreement we now have between Ethiopia and Eritrea, but if you look even internally at the number of prisoners that has been set free and what he is doing in the economy and the rest.”

He added that “Africa should really support and pray for Abiy.”

The situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea calls for a special person of commitment and selflessness, Professor Noah Midamba said. “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been able to demonstrate and to bring these people together.”

He also enumerated that countries can think of development when the guns are silenced and congratulated Ethiopia and Eritrea for doing so.

Dr. Emmanuel Kisangani, Lecturer at the University of Nairobi said “looking at what he has done within three months, both internally and in regional geopolitics, I think this is profound. I think the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed should get the Noble Prize.”