Stakeholders Discuss Draft Comprehensive Refugees Response Strategy

Addis Ababa July 10/2018  Federal and regional stakeholders have discussed the draft ten-year Comprehensive Refugees Response Strategy prepared by the Administration of Refugees and Returnees Affairs (ARRA) today.

The strategy is aimed at enhancing ensuring that refugees living in different parts of the country and hosts are self-sufficient, social and economic integration secured as well as doing away with refugee camps by 2025.

Ethiopia, a country with open door policy for refugees and hosting close to one million refugees, is going to start implementing the strategy this Ethiopian fiscal year, it was learned.

ARRA Deputy Director, Eyob Aweke told journalists that the consultative workshop has created a platform for exchanging views of stakeholders and gathering useful inputs for the strategy.

He added that “the strategy plays a big role in fulfilling Ethiopia’s ambitions to support refugees.”

The strategy will also serve as a tool for the harmonization of national refugee response mechanisms through networking and participatory manner, Eyob stated.

Recalling that Ethiopia was one of the 193 countries that signed the 2016 New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants Protection, the Deputy Director said the preparation of a strategy indicates Ethiopia’s commitment towards the inclusivity of refugees in the community.

According to him, Ethiopia has pledged several things for refugees including enhanced social services, provision of birth certificates to children of refugees born in Ethiopia, jobs to 30,000 refugees, and work permits.

Eyob said the strategy will have a great role in meeting pledged like enhancing social services, providing work premises and others.

The strategy is participatory in that it facilitates a place where every actor can participate during the implementation period, it was pointed out.

ARRA envisages the finalization of the strategy after consultative workshops with the international community.