Egypt Welcomes Ethio- Eritrea Peace Deal

Addis Ababa July 10/2018 Egypt welcomed on Monday the peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea to end the two decades of border standoff between the two countries.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced Monday welcoming the “joint declaration of peace and friendship” signed by Prime Minister of Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afewerki to normalize ties and end the 20 years stalemate, Egypt Today reported.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry praised the “historic visit” of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Eritrea’s capital of Asmara, affirming that the outcome of this visit will certainly contribute to turn the page and start a new era between the two countries.

Egypt hopes that the agreement would be a model for all other African countries suffering from disputes.

According to the ministry, Egypt has keen interest to enhance cooperation with Ethiopia, Eritrea and other African Countries to cement stability, achieve development and eliminate poverty.

The ministry also praised the efforts made by the political leadership of the two countries that led to the success of the deal.

The peace deal was signed a day after a historic summit marked a start to the normalization of ties between the long time hostility.