Female Gold Medalist Graduates Laud PM Call for Voluntarism

Addis Ababa July 07/2018 Some female gold medalist graduates of Addis Ababa University have lauded Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s call for voluntary services.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Hewan Meles, a gold medalist in Mathematics admired the attention given by the PM to volunteerism and said this culture should be perpetuated in the country.

The other gold medalist graduate in Journalism and Communications, Marta Feyae said, “We probably didn’t get the chance to know the importance of volunteerism and passed through it. However, we have to look back and support the community.”

According to Marta, the impact of volunteerism is huge as pointed out by the Prime Minister. “This call is not only for students or graduates but also for any employed person as volunteerism help the country save a lot.”

A Civil Engineer medalist graduate, Eden Binega, said on her part “though many countries practice volunteerism it is not well known by the young generation in our country.”

Eden noted that it is possible to even volunteer during the weekends and in the summer, if one has the interest.

“I myself and my friends are volunteers in Vision for Generation, and I would like it if people join this positive deed as our Prime Minister called for it.”

Out of the 9,724 students who graduate today with first, second and third degrees from Addis Ababa University, 2768 are female.