Doctoral, Master’s Degree Holders Encouraged by Reforms Underway

Addis Ababa July 07/2018 Some graduates with doctoral and master’s degrees from Addis Ababa University said they are encouraged by the achievements of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and pledged to support the process in their respective professions.

Speaking to ENA today, the graduates who earned PhD and Master’s degrees expressed their satisfaction with the current political reform in the country and vowed to support the change through their careers.

One of the PhD holders in Information Technology, Debella Tesfaye, said the progress made by the government headed by Prime Minister Abiy during the last three months has created hope among the youth who adore him.

His major achievements, including the removal of political parties from the terrorist list, efforts to re-establish peaceful relationship with Eritrea, are “measures we do not normally expect from a developing country like Ethiopia,” he added.

“I see hope and prosperity on the horizon and they will arrive to this country in few years,” Debella stated confidently.

The other PhD holder in Linguistics, Yeshihareg Getaneh, said the country is becoming stable and united.

Urging the people to stand alongside the reformers and the reform, Yeshihareg said, “The entire people need to collaborate in every aspect to bring about development and prosperity.”

The teacher in Debre Birhan University pledged to teach her students about love, peace and integration at every opportunity.

Master’s degree holder in Road and Transport Engineering, Wondwosen Getahun said “we were in turmoil this time last year, but now the government led by the new PM has brought us new hope and future.”

Wondwsen added that the new generation has responsibility to work for the country by avoiding corruption in every sector.

“I am a road construction professional and there is a massive corruption in the sector.  I, therefore, pledge to stand with my Prime Minister in the struggle against maladministration and corruption in the road and transportation sphere,” he stressed.

Several government officials, including President Mulatu Teshome and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Shiferaw Shigute attended the graduation ceremony held today at  Millennium Hall .