Plant Gene Bank Cold Room Built with 400,000 Euros German Support Inaugurated

Addis Ababa July 04/2018 Plant Gene Bank Cold Room built with 400,000 Euros German aid was inaugurated yesterday.

During the inauguration, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Gemedo Dalle said managing biodiversity genes has pivotal role in boosting green economy, in addition to ecological protection.

Ethiopia is working to decrease green house effect and climate change by focusing on ecology and training professionals, he added.

Gemedo stated that the ministry will work with countries to solve current financial limitations.

German Food and Agriculture Minister, Friedrich Wacker said his country will support Ethiopia to achieve its green and resilient economy for sustainable agricultural productivity.

“Ethiopia has to use improved species to increase production and productivity and ensure sustainable food security,” Wacker stated.

The Minister pledged that the government of Germany will support Ethiopia’s effort to meet green economic development.

Germany has been working in cooperation with Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute since 1984 through bilateral technical cooperation agreement between the countries.

The new plant gene bank cold room completed in March 2018 has reportedly increased storage capacity of the institute significantly.