Ministry Set to Support Teaching-Learning Process in Technology

Addis Ababa July 04/2018 Ministry of Education has disclosed that it has planned to establish technology center and curriculum institute to bring structural change in higher education institutions that would help to ensure quality education.

During a discussion held today with Standing Committee of Education Affairs of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, the Minister Dr.Tilaye Gete said a draft bill for establishment of two organizations has already prepared and it will be presented to Council of Minister for approval.

The standing committee forwarded its constructive comments and suggestions which are to be incorporated on the annual plan of the Ministry.

The Minister added that, the bill is expected to enhance technology supported teaching-learning process as well as conducting productive researches.

According to Dr. Tilaye, preparation of education roadmap is also underway with more than 50 percent completion, which will be implemented in the next 15 years.

On the other hand, the Minister addressed the issues of peace and stability which has occasionally being disrupted in public universities and highlighted on the way forward for sustainable solution.

Standing Committee members commented on university’s board members to closely monitor and evaluate the performance of the universities.

They added that lagging behind the construction of new universities, solving good governance problems and immediate solution for students’ complain are among other issues to be resolved.

Standing Committee Chairperson, Taddeses Hordofa on his part recommended that a system should be put in place to fill the gap of educational inputs, quality education and their audit findings.

Corruption and other maladministration are challenging issues that need to be solved in institutions of higher education, it was noted.