Town Administration Working to Improve Livelihood of Resettled Displaced Persons

Addis Ababa July 03/2018 Efforts are underway to sustainably improve the livelihood of 509 displaced households resettled in Legetafo Legedadi town due to the last conflict in areas bordering Oromia and Somali regions, according to the town administration.

Legetafo Legedadi Mayor, Habiba Siraj said the town administration, residents, investors and the youth are working for effective rehabilitation of the IDPs.

The town administration has organized thanksgiving program today to acknowledge the efforts of the residents and other stakeholders for their contribution.

Mayor Habiba said training will be provided for people who can generate income by engaging in various schemes.

She thanked all those who contributed to the effort for their valuable cooperation in sheltering the displaced people and called upon them to further contribute for the sustainable rehabilitation of the victims.

Oromia Region Rehabilitation Coordinator, Dr. Abera Deresa said on his part efforts are underway to improve the living conditions of the displaced.

Oromia Regional State has been exerting maximum effort to support citizens in the most effective, efficient and unprecedented scale, according to the coordinator.

“We cannot say that every necessary support is provided for the displaced persons, but they should be patient until all their demands are met,” he added.

One of the residents of the town, the prominent athlete Sileshi Sehin said the community has been playing important role in supporting the displaced people.

He added that all professional associations and those engaged in various activities should develop their own fundraising schemes to help the displaced.

The town administration has planned to build condominiums for 100 households and provide them with identification cards.