United Oromo Liberation Front Abandons Armed Struggle, Returns Home

Addis Ababa July 01/2018 Leaders of the United Oromo Liberation Front (UOLF) have arrived home this morning to engage in a peaceful struggle, abandoning their armed struggle.

The delegation led by UOLF Chairperson, Aba Nega Jara Letta, and Executive Committee Member, Brigadier Behailu Gonfa, were welcomed by Government Communication Affairs State Minister Kassahun Gofe and other officials at Bole International Airport.

United Oromo Liberation Front is a splinter group from Oromo Liberation Front.

UOLF Executive Committee Member, Brigadier General Behailu Gonfa said the Front returned home responding to the call made by the government and the people to lead a peaceful struggle.

He said, “We reached the decision after consultations with the youth and the elderly as well as government officials who convinced us that it is possible to struggle peacefully in the country at present.”

Brigadier General Behailu expressed appreciation for the change underway in the country and added that his party wants to initiate policies and improve others by holding discussions with various bodies.

He further pledged to collaborate with the government and the people for the continuation of the measures that have been taken during the past three months.

Government Communication Affairs State Minister, Kassahun Gofe said on his part it is encouraging that the United Oromo Liberation Front is willing to abandon armed struggle and resort to peaceful struggle.


He added that the government plans to hold talks with parties that have returned to the country and with those which come in the future. Kassahun further revealed that the government will also take measures to widen the political space in the country.


The State Minister said the government believes that political parties will play a positive role in the widening of the political space in the country.


It is to be recalled that leaders of Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), former OPDO founder and Executive Committee Member Yanatan Dubisa, former member of the defense force Colonel Abebe Geresu, and former senior Dergue official Kassa Kebede as well as Tekleh Yeshaw, founder of the Amhara civic association ‘Moresh Lewegene” recently returned home following the call from the government.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had called on all opposition political parties based abroad to come home and take part in the political activities of the country peacefully.