Ethiopia Introduces Perennial Sorghum Seed

Addis Ababa June 28/2018 Ethiopian researchers have introduced a new species of sorghum seed that could give yield multiple times per year.

Once the seed is sown, it gives output two to three times per year for 20 generations, if it gets water continuously, said Minister of Science and Technology that supports the research.

However, if it does not get water, the seed will give output once in year during the rainy season, said the Minister Eng. Getahun Mekuria.

The Minister said that the seed, which remains in the soil for several years, will give production continuously for five to seven years without the need for plowing the land.

The seed would produce about 75 quintals of output per hectare during the first harvest season; however the output is expected to be increased to 125 quintals in the second season.

The seed will be distributed to farmers next year.

Currently, the national average yield for sorghum is about 24 quintals per hectare, which means that the new species will increase productivity by five folds.

Similar research has also conducted on teff. The team which said the research was successful, promised to publicize findings in the future.

Ministry of Science and Technology, has been supporting the research being conducted by a team of researchers led by Talegeta Leul for the past two years.