Some Opposition Parties Welcomed Premier’s Call for Political Inclusivity

Addis Ababa June 13/2018 Some opposition parties have supported Prime Minister Abiy’s call on political inclusivity while others are at variance.

During his inaugural speech at the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assured that his government will work towards political inclusivity to realize multiparty system in the country.

Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) President, Dr. Chane Kebede told ENA that the Premier’s initiation to open up the political space and allow parties contribute their share in the process of building democracy is appreciable.

In this regard, the party has looked at some of the programs that it can work with the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) to ensure development as well as create the envisioned middle income society, he added.

“There are policies on which we will not differe with EPRDF, for instance, development policy we want to pursue that same policy with some improvements and education policy is the other that we can discuss and work in collaboration,” Dr. Chane pointed out.

However, he stated that his party will have differences in the administrative procedures to be taken upon bridging the gaps created by poor governance.

If things are done based on collaborative discussion, citizens will benefit better and Ethiopia’s influence at the international arenas will be secured, he said, and noted that “EDP is always ready to negotiate and realize that”.

President of Unity for Democracy and Justice party (UDJ), Tigistu Awolu argued that the call may mean that it has opened the political space, because EPRDF has been only puting pressure on oponents and has not been giving in to democratic ideals.

The country’s current political situation is an evidence for the bad political practices, he said, and stressed that “prior to anything, we must all get out of the bad political culture that we have entertained  all the way through.”

“Since finding solutions to the situation of our country surpasses beyond diffrences in political ideologies we follow, we need to make movement and contribute our share towards national consensus,” Tigistu emphasized.

Appreciating the measures taken in releasing prisoners, he said “far from that platforms should be prepared to turn the fight into debate of ideas.”

UDJ wants to collaboratively work with EPRDF on issues of peace and security, democratization process and creating a united political and economic society.

Blue Party Chairperson, Yeshiwas Assefa said that his party has left the pre-negotiation more than a year ago due to the absence of negotiators and hastened to say “no negotiation was and is being carried out, it is just a joke.”

No transparent and inclusive call has been made by the government so far, he stated.

“Even though the inaugural speech was nice, legally structured call has not been made yet. Therefore, we are repeatedly requesting for that legally structured call to be made,” he pointed out.

He explained that his party believes there was no negotiation, but now wants to have genuine negotiation which in turn will address the problems of the society.

Thus, we are preparing the agendas and procedures for the negotiation, he added.

According to him, “If there is genuine need for prevalence of sustainable peace, democracy, to bring national consensus and reconciliation, negotiation should be inclusive.”