Fitche Chambalala Celebrated in Hawassa

Hawassa June 13/2018 Fitche Chambalala, a traditional new year’s celebration among the Sidama people of Ethiopia and an intangible world heritage registered at UNESCO is being celebrated for 15 days in Hawssa, the regional capital and in all Woreda’s of Sidama Zone starting today.

Some of the youth who are getting prepared for the annual festival told ENA that they expect Fitche Chambalala will be marked by promoting peace, unity, love and mutual respect.

Mathewos Janje, a resident of Hawassa told ENA that “the festival is not only the intangible heritage of the Sidama people but also a globally recognized world intangible heritage and I celebrate the occasion in full costumes and traditional attire.”

He added, “We ask our fathers and the elderly about the details of the celebration of the festival and strive for the sustained celebration of the occasion to promote, peace, love, mutual respect and tolerance.”

Another resident of Hawassa Oliver Gidessa said the rest of the nationalities in Ethiopia also join in celebrating the New Year in a spirit of unity and peace.

Jago Agegnehu, Department Head of Culture, tourism and government communications said Fitche Chambalala celebrated in the city of Hawassa in the presence of federal, regional and local administration officials today.

Fitch Chambalala has been registered at UNESCO as an intangible world heritage in November 2016.