Repatriation of Ethiopian Nationals from Djibouti Underway

Addis Ababa June12/2018 The government of Ethiopia through its Embassy in Djibouti has been working to ensure the safe repatriation of Ethiopian nationals from Djibouti, The Ministry Foreign Affairs disclosed.

The embassy, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), so far repatriated 361 Ethiopian nationals, who following the war in Yemen arrived in Djibouti, and came to Djibouti en route to Gulf countries, and who have been victims illegal migration and human-trafficking.

According to the Ministry, 24 Ethiopian nationals will also repatriate from Djibouti tomorrow.

Reports showed that many young Ethiopians transit through Djibouti, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen as they emigrate looking for work in the Middle East and other parts of the world that pose a serious menace to migrants.

Thus, the government is making significant efforts to curb human trafficking, including the recent passing of a comprehensive legislation against trafficking crimes.

Human trafficking and migrant smuggling are among the world’s most discreditable crimes, affecting every region in the world, including Ethiopia.

Most concretely in Ethiopia, the need to bolster the country’s law to fight this scourge has long been seen as persuasive and urgent.

On the top of law enforcement, a National Council to Combat Human Trafficking, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister was established to encourage awareness on the risk of human trafficking.

The government has also launched a National Movement against Human Trafficking to reinforce its effort to curtail the underground criminals that mischief young Ethiopians.