PM Abiy, President Salva Kiir Hold Talks

Addis Ababa May 30/2018 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan held talks on bilateral and regional issues today.

At the discussion, the leaders conferred on ways of bringing peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.

PM Abiy said on the occasion the relationship of the two countries is based on strong partnership.

“We have been working together since the struggle of South Sudan for independence and I have conferred with my brother on how to bring peace and stability in the region and on bilateral issues. I think we have agreed to pacify the region and had good discussion”, he elaborated.

The premier, who recalled Ethiopia’s effort to negotiate the parties in the conflict as Chair of IGAD, stressed that his country will continue to strive hard for stability in South Sudan.

“We cannot have peace unless there is peace in neighboring states”, Abiy noted, adding that “Ethiopia will work in cooperation with neighboring countries to realize its development and growth plans.

President Mayardit said on his part “Ethiopia is not only a supportive neighbor but our country”.

He that he wish he came earlier as the PM is new to office, but couldn’t do so due to the problem in South Sudan.