Ethiopia Striving to Join the Global Technology Market: MoST

Addis Ababa May 13/2018 Ethiopia is working to join the global technology market by the end of the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP), according to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The country is in a row to adopt and innovate multiple technologies that would assist the development activities and to make it as one of the income generating sector.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Science and Technology Minister, Getahun Mekuria said since the future of the country is highly depended on its youth and technology, the Ministry is working to connect technology with the youths.

“What we are strongly working in the year is expanding technology centered micro and small enterprises. This country has only two options; the youth and technology. So we are working to connect them according to our mandate,” the Minister pointed out.

According to the Minister, Ethiopia set to have thousands of technology centered micro and small enterprises that could produce various technological products expected to join the global market.

“I believe we will have micro and small-scale enterprises that can be produce electronics, software, IT and automotive electronics. There will be also small and medium scale manufacturing companies that have the capacity to produce electronics machines in this country,” Getahun stated.

Getahun revealed some promising technological innovations that have launched three weeks before by the Ministry, including an Integrated Digital Health Management System at Tikur Anbesa Specialized Referral Hospital.

The technology, which is merely designed by youth professionals, will help to digitalize patients’ data and reduce the time of procedures before treatment, he elaborated.

“On top of producing drone, we have also designed and displayed the latest technology in manufacturing sector commonly known as CNC machine, and what we are doing now is improving its quality and size,” he added.

The Ministry is finalizing the National Technology Transformation proclamation that would enhance the sustainable and effective technology adaptation and innovation.

Technology Transfer and Development General-Director at Ministry, Dr. Kalid Ahmed said on his part various technology development activities are underway to realize the country’s development aspiration.

“We are working on high technologies such as space innovations; we give funds for research activities especially for country specific innovations. We have also big projects of made in Ethiopia,” Kalid added.

According to him, the Ministry has started wide ranged technological development initiatives that have a significant role on the country’s development.

“We are to start a huge ecosystem which will allow design environment for universities and TVET graduates to promote the capacity of ‘Made in Ethiopia’ brands and projects” he stated.

Khalid noted that the Ministry has prepared a 10 year National Technology Road Map, which shows the specific technology needs of 20 important sectors such as road, ICT, Sugar and Irrigation to avoid the misuse of resource and enhancing sustainable technology transfer.

Ethiopia is striving to be the middle income country by the end of its third Growth and Transformation Plan in the year 2025, prioritizing technology innovation as a means to attain its ambition.